Free for Open Source

Pricing and features

Hosted private npm

The public npm registry is the place for the world's Javascript. Your private npm registry is the place for your team's Javascript: Node.js, PhoneGap™, Grunt, & Browserify. Nodejitsu runs the public npm registry giving us unmatched operational knowledge of how to manage and scale a private npm registry for your organization.

Iron 10 private packages
$ 25 /month shared server support tickets No black/white listing
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Steel 20 private packages
$ 50 /month shared server support tickets No black/white listing
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Silver 100 private packages
$ 200 /month shared server 9-5 IRC blacklist
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Gold 250 private packages
$ 500 /month shared server 9-5 IRC blacklist, whitelist
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Platinum 500 private packages
$ 750 /month shared server Priority support, SLA (99.9%) blacklist, whitelist
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Diamond unlimited private packages
$ 1500 /month dedicated server Priority support, SLA (99.9%) blacklist, whitelist
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Private npm plans include
  • Manage everything from web interface
  • Centralized repository for private modules
  • Curate what modules are replicated
  • Simplified npm user management
  • Co-located to minimize installation time
  • Registry always online
  • Add unlimited team members

App hosting

Individual plans

Perfect for independent developers who want to host low traffic apps, like your blog, or your latest HTML5 game. Individual plans allow you to allocate up to 3 drones to a single application. If you're looking to host large mission critical apps, take a look at our Business Plans.

Micro 1 drone
$ 9 /month 1
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Small 3 drones
$ 33 /month 1
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Large 10 drones
$ 90 /month 1
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Individual plans include

Business plans

Business Plans offer greater reliability and selection. Recommended for small to medium companies, and developers running high traffic, business critical applications. You can scale each application to as many drones as you like and host your apps securely over HTTPS in your own domain. You can also select the right region to deploy your applications to with the infrastructure provider you trust.

Micro 2 drones
$ 48 /month 2
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Small 5 drones
$ 120 /month 2
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Large Infinite drones
$ 0.033 /hour/drone 2,3
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Business plans include the features from individual plans and

Interested in hosting apps or managing private modules on your own servers, to maximize innovation in your organization?

Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Free for Open Source

If you maintain an open source application, we will host it for free. Deploy and then request a drone through page.

Class act

We provide services starting from as low as ± $0.012 per hour, while our competitors start atleast 4 times higher at ± $0.05 per hour. Also one-line-deployment and the additional features below make the slightly higher investment -with respect to an average VPS- worth it!

1 Individual plans, can set a maximum of 3 drones per single application and are able to run 10 drones maximum across several applications. If you need more than that, we recommend you upgrade to a Business plan

2 If you are using our high memory drones (512/1024MB) you should multiply the cost by (memory/256).

3 The large business plan has an initial flat monthly fee of $240 worth of drone hours. For complete calculation of the price: Amount of drones * total hours running * (memory / 256)

4 This feature requires SNI support in HTTP client (browser, HTTP library). SNI support is not present in any version of Internet Explorer running on Windows XP. If you need to target customers running this software, please contact sales.

All sales are final - No refunds