Free for Open Source

Why Nodejitsu?

Before we were ever a company, we were contributors to the Node.js community, starting back in 2009, just months after Node.js was created. Our entire stack is in node and we know this technology inside and out. We’ve evolved as node has evolved, and we’ve been dedicated to building the greater ecosystem since day 1. Today we maintain over two dozen open source projects. In fact, if you write any node, you most likely use a library that we maintain.

In building Nodejitsu, we took our understanding of node, and our drive to make life better for developers, and used it to create the Platform-as-a-Service we wanted to use ourselves. Our aim is to give you the most reliable, scalable, and user-friendly platform you’ll ever deploy to.

When you host with us you get...

The best Support in the industry, period.
Amazing support from developers like you over IRC.
Single line deployment with ‘jitsu’
Our CLI tool was designed to give you the most user-friendly deployment ever. Just run ‘jitsu deploy’.
Joyent’s infrastructure, and the peace of mind that comes with it
Our partner, Joyent, provides infrastructure for all Individual Plans on blazing fast Joyent Smart Machines.
Continuous deployment with Github and TravisCI
Free continuous deployment for public and private repos through GitHub Webhooks and Travis CI.
Websocket support
Nodejitsu was the first platform to support Websockets. In fact, almost every platform supporting Websockets does so by using our Open Source node-http-proxy module.
Free hosting for your open source apps
At Nodejitsu, open source makes us who we are. To support the development of free software, we’ll host your open source apps for free. Apply at
Custom Domains
Free custom domains are available with every plan. Check out
Easy database provisioning
Thanks to our partner integrations, using MongoDB, CouchDB or Redis on Nodejitsu is super easy.

Need more for your high traffic app? Our Business Plans come fully-equipped.

Business Plans offer greater reliability and selection. Recommended for small to medium companies, and developers running high traffic, business critical apps.

  • Priority support
  • Choose your datacenter
  • Choose your infrastructure provider
  • Configure how much memory is allocated towards each app
  • Custom SSL certificates

Don't take our word for it:


Nodejitsu is awesome!! Customer support is fantastic & boy is it easy to launch an #nodejs app. Thanks @nodejitsu #paas @timothyjoreilly


We are now deploying on Nodejitsu 30 times per day on average - with a 100% deployment success rate. Thanks Nodejitsu, you guys rock!!! @martin_sunset


Two services I gladly pay for: @GitHub and @Nodejitsu @jeremiahlee


@nodejitsu saved my bachelor thesis presentation. Deployed my app for the first time and it instantly worked @MaChristmann