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How does a private npm registry work?

Private npm architecture overview
After you sign up for a private registry and set your npm config to your private registry:
$ npm config set registry \ copy
our Open Source smart-private-npm will intelligently route requests to public npm packages to the public npm registry and your private packages to your private npm registry.
Every private npm registry hosted by Nodejitsu is driven by a policy that allows you to control who can access your registry, as well as what packages those users can access from the public registry.
$ npm config set always-auth true
$ npm install your-app copy
Install code with npm
Public npm replication
And that's it! As stewards of the public npm registry we are able provide high availability on separate infrastructure while automatically keeping you, your packages, and your team in sync with the the public npm registry. Your team can use our simple, elegant and robust web interface at: copy