Nodejitsu provides a tool called jitsu that makes deploying an Node.js application super simple. You can install jitsu with npm. You don't have to worry about installing npm since it comes bundled with Node.js.
$ npm install jitsu -g copy
Jitsu is a client to the Nodejitsu HTTP API. If you are familiar with cURL you can use that as well to call our API:
$ curl
{ "available" : true } copy
This checked if the username "new-nodejitsu-user" is available.
If you still don't have a Nodejitsu account you can use jitsu to sign up. Sign up through jitsu
You can now use jitsu to login. Login using jitsu
Your system is now ready to deploy an application. Let's for example deploy the Hello World Node.js snippet:
var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
  res.end('hello, i know nodejitsu\n');
}).listen(8080); copy
This application uses no external libraries other than the ones in Node.js core. In a real life scenario you are more likely to use a web application framework such as flatiron.js. The code snippet above is available in bin/server.
You can download this application directly from jitsu: Install an sample application

Jitsu follows conventions used in npm and it is able to understand how to start your application by reading the package.json file you can find in your current directory.

You can now deploy your application:

$ jitsu deploy copy

Jitsu will ask you for two properties that are missing from your package.json file: subdomain and engines (Node.js).

Subdomain is where your application will be deployed, e.g. if you set it to "my-first-nodejitsu-app" your application will be available at

The engines field sets the Node.js version you want to run. After your first jitsu deploy feel free to take a peek at your package.json and see what changed.

The application is now available at the subdomain you choose. You have deployed your very first Node.js application. Yay! jitsu deploy the application

We hope you continue to do many deployments with Nodejitsu. You can manage your application at our administrative interface, or by using jitsu.