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Hosted private npm Web Interface

You can login to your Web Interface in with your npm credentials.




Packages Policy


Lists the private packages published to your npm, these are only visible by your team members and are always proxied to your private CouchDB server.


Only these packages (and all private npm packages) will be permitted from the public npm registry. It is possible for a package to be both private and blacklisted. This is how you can take ownership over a given module.


These packages are explicitly forbidden to be retrieved from the public npm registry.


All the packages maintained by your team members.

Team Members

Add member

Just write down the public npm username and click on Add member.

Add member

Remove member

To remove a user from your team, click on the (x) button right their username.

List members

Getting Started

Learn how to set up Nodejitsu's tool for app deployment and be ready for action.

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