Nodejitsu has joined GoDaddy
We are excited to join GoDaddy to help spearhead their largest Node.js product: Website Builder. As a part of this Nodejitsu will help existing customers transition onto new solutions for their hosting needs until early August 2015. Please migrate your applications from the Nodejitsu platform before the end of the transition period. Please read our blog post to learn more about customer transition plans and our continued support for Open Source within the node community.
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Account management

Account management can be done from the CLI by using jitsu users. The following commands are at your disposal to change account details.


Who Am I?

To check the current authenticated account name, do jitsu users whoami. The response should read as below where username is the current logged in account name.

info:    You are: [username]

Is a new account name available?

Account name availability for a new account can be checked with jitsu users available [username] where username is the name of your choice. The feedback should contain either:

info:    Username [username] is not available // or
info:    Username [username] is available


Change your password If you would like to change your current password, make sure you are logged in with the right user. Changing your password can be done by calling jitsu users changepassword. You will be prompted to enter a new password first and to confirm it after, like so:

info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu [username]
info:    jitsu v0.12.8, node v0.8.22
info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:    Executing command users changepassword
prompt:  password:
prompt:  confirm password:

Lost your password?

Losing your password is cumbersome, but we provide easy recovery through jitsu users forgot [username]. Where username is your account name for which you would like to recover the password. You should receive an e-mail on e-mail address known to Nodejitsu. The e-mail will provide instructions to complete recovery. To reset your password run the following jitsu command:

jitsu users forgot [username] [handshake]

This command can be copy-pasted from the e-mail. The handshake is the unique identifier temporarily bound to your account to reset your password. After entering above command you will be prompted to enter your new password.

Account control

Login, logout and signup can both be done shorthand and through jitsu users. For more details see Jitsu CLI

jitsu users create // signup
jitsu users login // login
jitsu users logout // logout

Getting Started

Learn how to set up Nodejitsu's tool for app deployment and be ready for action.

See the guide