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Nodejitsu drops support for Telefónica Instant Servers and remains committed to the European developer community.

New York - September 10th 2013 - Nodejitsu, provider of the state of the art node.js-based Platform-as-a-Service and host of the public npm registry, is dropping support for Telefónica's Instant Servers product. This decision terminates the partnership between Nodejitsu and Telefónica Digital, the digital innovation unit of telecom giant Telefónica, announced in February.

"Although the decision was difficult for us to make", said Charlie Robbins, the Founder and CEO of Nodejitsu, "in light of recent instability and lack of adoption by our users we know this is the right decision."

In recent years the Platform-as-a-Service market, which enables developers to get products to market faster, has exploded in popularity, with a projected $9.8 billion market reach by 2016.

Nodejitsu remains committed to European developers through their Platform-as-a-Service product and support of the community through recent sponsorship of and European developers can still target Joyent's Amsterdam datacenter (in addition to Joyent's US East, Southwest, and West datacenters). Nodejitsu has plans to add support for additional infrastructure providers where Joyent does not currently have datacenters such as Asia and Pacific regions.

This decision comes less than four months after Nodejitsu acquired IrisCouch, the NoSQL Database-as-a-Service that powers the public npm registry (the node package manager). "By reducing our operations workload", said Jason Smith, former CTO of IrisCouch and current CTO of Nodejitsu, "we will be able to focus more of our engineering efforts on our Enterprise npm offering which is in high-demand by companies of all sizes using node.js."

The Nodejitsu team leverages the fast growing node.js technology, an extremely lean and scalable application framework for server-side Javascript. Node.js allows greater application performance, requiring fewer virtual servers, translating to savings on infrastructure costs.

About Nodejitsu

Based in New York, NY, Nodejitsu, the cloud management software company, is the creator of OpsMezzo, the only complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration and a public Platform-as-a-Service environment for Node.js applications. Nodejitsu is an active participant in the Node.js open source project and contributes significant code to the various Node.js repositories on GitHub. For more information, visit and You can also track them on Twitter @nodejitsu and @opsmezzo