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Nodejitsu acquires Iris Couch to expand Enterprise and Public Cloud products.

New York, NY and Austin, TX - May 22nd 2013 - Nodejitsu, the popular Platform-as-a-Service provider and creator of OpsMezzo, has acquired Iris Couch, the NoSQL Database-as-a-Service that powers the public npm (node package manager) registry. With this acquisition, Nodejitsu will offer Apache CouchDB and Redis hosting services directly on their public Platform-as-a-Service,, simplifying database deployment and expanding its commitment to node.js developers by hosting the public npm registry. The acquisition will close today.

"Nodejitsu and OpsMezzo are built entirely on-top of node.js, npm, CouchDB, and Redis," said Charlie Robbins, CEO and Founder of Nodejitsu, "Through this acquisition Nodejitsu and OpsMezzo are the only products on the market with no external dependencies. That means our customers can engage with a single vendor for all of their cloud and provisioning infrastructure needs: configuration management, monitoring, provisioning, auto-scaling, and cloud orchestration."

As part of the agreement, Nodejitsu will acquire Iris Couch’s public NoSQL Database-as-a-Service product. Iris Couch makes sense of managing Apache CouchDB and Redis servers, whether it’s one or dozens. Provided as a service, customers can stop worrying about their data and focus on their product. With this acquisition Nodejitsu establishes a presence in the fast growing and diverse NoSQL database market.

"Iris Couch serves two core needs for the Apache CouchDB communities: getting started easily and not having to worry about operations." said Jan Lehnardt, project management committee chair of the Apache CouchDB project, "On top of that, Iris Couch is a valued member of the Apache CouchDB Core Developer group and provides insights into operational issues, that we can improve on the software side. Apache CouchDB is better off with Iris Couch."

In addition to Iris Couch’s Database-as-a-Service, Nodejitsu is acquiring Iris Couch’s Enterprise npm products and services. Package management simplifies developer workflows and distribution of both server-side and client-side software. As the host of the public npm registry, Iris Couch has expertise in scaling npm for companies using node.js and IaaS providers alike.

Companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Walmart, Ebay, Pearson, and Yahoo as well as startups like Voxer, Geeklist, and Uber already use node.js and npm to build components of their products. By using npm, all of these companies are already depending on Iris Couch. "Iris Couch has been the official host of the public npm registry since they were part of CouchOne (now Couchbase).” said Isaac Z. Schlueter, creator of npm and leader of the Node.js project, "They have provided top-notch service to the Node.js and npm community since day one, even going so far as to make modifications to Apache CouchDB itself for our security needs. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

As part of the acquisition Nodejitsu will be sunsetting Iris Couch’s IrisNpm beta product to increase their focus on offering private npm to their enterprise customers. Nodejitsu has long been dedicated to the "user land" portion of Node.js, maintaining over 100 widely used open source modules that are complementary to their commercial solutions. "Applying Iris Couch’s track record of customer service and technical excellence to Nodejitsu's rapidly growing community of applications and developers can only mean one thing: the Node.js community is leveling up." said Chris Anderson, Co-Founder of Couchone (now CouchBase).

Finally, this acquisition will help Nodejitsu further strengthen its rich talent pool by adding high-caliber industry expertise. Jason Smith, founder and CTO of Iris Couch, and the sole contributor to the CouchOne hosted service, will bring with him a wealth of operational and development experience. "We’re really excited to join the Nodejitsu team." said Jeff Jackson, CEO of Iris Couch. "Their track record for service and innovation in the "node.js and devops solutions spaces is unmatched, and our team and services will be a great way to round out their product and create a complete, crowd-tested solution for every layer of the operational stack. The expanded company that is being created through this acquisition will be much greater than the sum of its parts."

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Based in New York, NY, Nodejitsu, the cloud management software company, is the creator of OpsMezzo, the only complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration and a public Platform-as-a-Service environment for Node.js applications. Nodejitsu is an active participant in the Node.js open source project and contributes significant code to the various Node.js repositories on GitHub. For more information, visit and You can also track them on Twitter @nodejitsu and @opsmezzo