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Nodejitsu announces OpsMezzo in the largest node.js Open Source release in history

New York City - April 22nd 2013 - Nodejitsu, the Platform-as-a-Service and enterprise cloud management software provider, has announced OpsMezzo, a complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration, in the largest node.js Open Source release in history. The release, announced at the Texas Javascript conference, will empower developers and businesses to streamline their operations in the cloud.

With this release, Nodejitsu has established itself as a key player in the broader Developer Operations market outside of its current Platform-as-a-Service product.

Nodejitsu has long been dedicated to the "user land" portion of Node.js, maintaining over 100 widely used open source modules that are complementary to their commercial solutions. The release itself, which represents countless man-hours spent over the last 18-months, is the largest node.js Open Source release in history spanning 11 different new libraries and over 50 kloc.

"OpsMezzo represents the next generation of application and cloud management, freeing businesses from the overwhelming number of vendors in the market," said Nodejitsu Founder and CEO Charlie Robbins. "By using an integrated, complete solution our customers can focus on the higher level operations of their business, not the nuts and bolts."

Nodejitsu will continue to work with their partners to increase adoption of OpsMezzo in the broader market. The first step includes continuing work with Joyent by offering deep integration with SmartOS, the high-performance cloud operating system for today's modern web and mobile applications. "OpsMezzo is the dawn of a better tomorrow for application and cloud management for customers that want native, off the shelf integration with SmartOS, " said Carlos Cardenas, Director of Solutions Engineering at Joyent.

About Nodejitsu

Based in New York, NY, Nodejitsu, the cloud management software company, is the creator of OpsMezzo, the only complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration and a public Platform-as-a-Service environment for Node.js applications. Nodejitsu is an active participant in the Node.js open source project and contributes significant code to the various Node.js repositories on GitHub. For more information, visit and You can also track them on Twitter @nodejitsu and @opsmezzo