Press releases

Nodejitsu joins GoDaddy

New York, NY - February 10th 2015 - GoDaddy has been unwavering in its mission to build a world-class engineering organization focused on creating innovative new products that enable small businesses to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. Or, to put it another way, putting the power of advanced technology within reach of every small business worldwide.

Nodejitsu drops support for Telefónica Instant Servers and remains committed to the European developer community.

New York, NY - September 10th 2013 - Nodejitsu, provider of the state of the art node.js-based Platform-as-a-Service and host of the public npm registry, has decided to drop support for Telefónica's Instant Servers. This decision terminates the partnership between Nodejitsu and Telefónica Digital, the digital innovation unit of telecom giant Telefónica, announced in February.

Nodejitsu acquires Iris Couch to expand Enterprise and Public Cloud products.

New York, NY and Austin, TX - May 22nd 2013 - Nodejitsu, the popular Platform-as-a-Service provider and creator of OpsMezzo, has acquired Iris Couch, the NoSQL Database-as-a-Service that powers the public npm (node package manager) registry. With this acquisition, Nodejitsu will offer Apache CouchDB and Redis hosting services directly on their public Platform-as-a-Service,, simplifying database deployment and expanding its commitment to node.js developers by hosting the public npm registry. The acquisition will close today.

Nodejitsu announces OpsMezzo in largest node.js Open Source release in history

New York City - April 22nd 2013 - Nodejitsu, the Platform-as-a-Service and enterprise cloud management software provider, has announced OpsMezzo, a complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration, in the largest node.js Open Source release in history. The release, announced at the Texas JavaScript conference, will empower developers and businesses to streamline their operations in the cloud.

Nodejitsu joins forces with Telefónica to target the European developer community

New York and London - February 12th 2013 - Nodejitsu, provider of the state of the art node.js-based Platform-as-a-Service, and Telefónica Digital, the digital innovation unit of telecom giant Telefónica, have announced a partnership to deliver Nodejitsu’s hosting to the European market using Telefónica’s data centers. By running on Telefónica’s Instant Servers, Nodejitsu can offer its customers a choice of multiple infrastructure providers and more data centers across a variety of regions.

Nodejitsu and Joyent Cloud Join Forces to Deliver Node.js Infrastructure and Orchestration Tools to Fast Growing Developer Base

San Francisco and New York City - April 2, 2012 - Joyent Cloud, the public cloud designed for real-time, high-performance applications, and Nodejitsu, provider of cloud management software and enterprise development tools for Node.js, today announced a partnership to deliver best-of-breed infrastructure and platform services and software to the growing ranks of enterprise and public cloud users developing and deploying applications for Node.js. Node.js is the fast-growing, high-performance application environment that simplifies the unified development of front-end and server-side architectures using JavaScript, the language of the Web. The new service will allow thousands of developers to easily build, deploy, scale and manage Node.js applications on Nodejitsu’s platform.