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Why work for Nodejitsu?

At Nodejitsu we are constantly looking for smart people who want to do extraordinary things. We love like minded people with extraordinary work ethics! We believe that geographic boundaries are irrelevant and people should work from where they are comfortable and near the ones they love.

Here you can browse specific roles we are looking to hire. If you feel you can help in a role not listed, you can always email

Currently we're looking for:
Software Engineer
Solutions Engineer

Software Engineer

We're building Nodejitsu for us. Every day we're challenged with building something that will make our life as a developer simpler. We love working with Node.js and are proud to build the modules the we, the community, use everyday. We believe in open source, and we believe in building a better tomorrow through technology.

We expect you to be comfortable (or willing to) learn Node.js, and have a good understanding of how computers, networks, and security work. We are open to junior candidates coming directly out of school, but we would be slightly be more enthusiastic if you have a few years of work experience. If you are looking for a internship, that's great too: interns have been a great part of the success of Nodejitsu.

To apply send us a pull request in our jobs repository. Make sure to include references to projects or pull requests you are particularly proud of. But most of all, surprise us. Show us why it would be awesome to work with you. If you rather just apply via email, you can do that to by emailing

  • Great work ethics.
  • Open-Source enthusiast.
  • Motivated, self-driven, & self-taught.
  • High aptitude for self-management.
  • Loves solving hard problems.
  • Responsible software engineering practices.
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Solutions Engineer

New technology means new opportunities. We are actively looking for experienced, business savvy engineers to help us grow our business. You would be expected to have short term engagements with customers, performing tasks such as installation, training, and initial support.

As the first solutions engineer at Nodejitsu we expect you to work with the leadership team to establish the foundation of our enterprise team. You will be responsible for all our largest contracts, and will be given the freedom you need to succeed. In return we would expect nothing but hard work and good results.

For Nodejitsu a solutions engineer is a deeply technical position. We expect you to be an engineer first, and share the same profile as our remaining engineering team. On top of that we expect you to be business savvy, have great interpersonal skills, and have a constant drive to make our product better.

  • Build tooling around installation and maintenance of enterprise deployments.
  • Short term Proof of Concept engineering and support.
  • Provide technical training for customer developers and operations.
  • Help promote and creating sales technical collateral.
  • Communicate customer requirements with the Product Management Team.
  • Customer focused R&D.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Solid computer science background.
  • Node.js skills.
  • Located in New York City, San Francisco, or London.
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